You Were Right

"You were right." That is what a client apologetically admitted. He came to me begrudgingly and told me that he knew what was the best plan for his Medicare prescription coverage. He had spoken with a friend who had a great plan that wasn't expensive and he wanted that plan....
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Words Matter

Words matter! Especially when it comes to Medicare. If you are new to Medicare, it is important that you learn some new terminology. For example, you can no longer call your doctor and schedule an "Annual Physical". Why? Because Medicare does not cover "Annual Physicals". However, Medicare will cover an...
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Newsflash – Part B Enrollment

Have you delayed enrolling in Medicare Part B? Beware of a potential problem. If you have delayed enrolling in Part B of Medicare because you were "actively working" and covered by an employer group health plan, you must submit a form along with your application that proves you had coverage....
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I like to track how much money my clients save by taking advantage of Medicare's Annual "Open Enrollment" which ends on December 7th. $24,057 is the combined total for my clients so far this year. I have had some clients who save $100 and one married couple who will save...
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COBRA and Medicare … not as simple as it may appear

I recently did a webinar to help clear up some of the confusion about the coordination of COBRA and Medicare. It really comes down to the timing of when an individual becomes entitled to Medicare - before becoming eligible for COBRA or after electing COBRA. Some key takeaways: Enrollment in...
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Half-Truths and Medicare Advantage Commercials

You may have seen these commercials on TV, touting "all the benefits you deserve". But beware, the devil is in all the details they do not mention. Interesting article by Diane Omdahl for
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