Your Advisor

Lori Howell

Founder, Principal Advisor

For the last 13  years, Lori Howell has been assisting individuals and businesses navigate the maze of Medicare rules and options available to Medicare beneficiaries.  Lori initially received her training as a certified SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) Counselor for the State of Massachusetts.  In this capacity, Lori learned the importance of having individuals get unbiased assistance in making optimal decisions when enrolling, reviewing and selecting the most appropriate coverage for themselves.

Most recently, Lori worked for Mercer, a national leader in the corporate health benefits space.  At Mercer, Lori advised over 600 people on how to transition from employer plans into the Medicare options that would best meet their needs both medically and financially.  Additionally, Lori provided seminars, webinars and advisory services on the Medicare enrollment process to the employees of numerous organizations:  Boston Children's Hospital, Global Partners LP, Advanced Publications, Union College, Howard University, Reckitt Benckiser, Voya and Yokohama Tire, et al.

Lori started Howell Medicare Advisors, LLC to provide unbiased fee-only advice, free from the influence of commissions, in order to offer individuals guidance and advocacy in navigating the complex landscape of Medicare to avoid costly mistakes